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Designing my life through slow travel

Living and Making Movies Around the World

My name is Jaime Byrd. I’m an Emmy nominated filmmaker, media maker, jewelry maker, and bread maker. I am living and working around the world with my husband and film producer, Adam J. Cohen, indefinitely while creating film and documentary projects all across the globe.

Adam, and I met while we were both traveling in 1994. It was just the beginning of our crazy adventures around the world.

We backpacked through Europe, and have continued to travel to about 20 countries. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot since so many other travelers have been to more countries, but that’s because we do something called “slow travel” which keeps us grounded and “living” in one place for more then a month at a time – often even 4-6 months in one home.

We cover less ground – but we actually “see” and experience a lot more while connecting with communities.

This blog is sometimes about travel, connecting with the world, being a women, filmmaking, “living” instead of “traveling” around the globe, immersion with other cultures, food, and designing your particular life through slow travel.


Slow Travel

SLOW TRAVEL Imagine living for a few weeks or even months in an Italian village, buying fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market every week, sipping coffee on your terrace, and taking easy going day trips to neighboring villages and chateaus when you feel like it. That’s what slow travel is all about.  Where the emphasis is […]

Getting Started with LIVING Around the world with Nomad Jaime – The Manifester

Welcome to my blog about travel, living around the world, eating, and finding your particular path at any age. My husband, Adam, and I have decided to start “living” around the world. It’s a lot less “traveling” and a lot more staying in one place one country at a time. We did not sell everything […]

Leaving our “Peaceful Mountain Retreat”

It felt like sixteen years of repairs and maintenance done in about 3 months. That’s what we had to do before getting our log home in the mountains of western North Carolina ready to become a vacation rental. It is now in such a wonderful state, that it was difficult to consider leaving for so […]